Here's what last years attendees are saying!!!!

Our first visit, great time, great food and a fun atmosphere!  I recommend it and will be attending again next year! Thank you for the laughs!

The play and food were great!!  Great value for your money!!

Enjoyable evening with friends.  Can't wait till next summer's shows.

What a terrific value! Great food + entertainment!  ~ Tom, Dalton MN

Fun evening with good food, great friends, awesome play!!!

It is a hoot and a half. Laughed my sides off.

We have a lot of local area talents and it is great to get to see them perform in a place so close to where we live, work and play and for a price that is very affordable. Thank you!!

Great, local entertainment, you could sense that the performers were enjoying themselves.  The food was excellent and the staff did a great job serving.  It was a fun evening.  ~ Janet, Evansville, MN.

Fun light humor, with non-pressure audience participation. Very cleverly done!

If you want to try something different, give the dinner theatre a try -  great food & good entertainment. 

So much fun!!  The characters interacted with the audience and could adapt to any comment offered by the audience, very witty and quick response.

Had a great time good food and great job done by actors. Would definitely go again!

We had a blast! Great productions, awesome food, good company, amazing actors! ~ G. and S., Wadena MN. 

This was an awesome performance and wonderful dinner right here in the Ottertail Lake area!!  It's was a pleasant evening and we are looking forward to attending another event next summer!!  

I liked the actors' ability to ad-lib on the spot. Each performance was a bit original --just exactly like live entertainment should be. If the audience wants each performance to be the same, the people should put on a CD. Good food and an entertaining performance made for a pleasant evening. The company we brought along said they would like to go again. I know we plan to.  ~ Marjorie,  Battle Lake, MN

We have loved both years shows that we have attended! The food is to die for amazing and the community setting is so much fun to be a part of! Can't wait to see what they come up with for next year. I highly recommend bringing a group-you'll have a blast! ~ Nikki - Fergus Falls, MN

The best stage comedy in the area!  We'll be back ! ~ Rick, Camp Hill, PA

Had a good time. took my parents and they really enjoyed it a lot.  The food was great!!!

A delightful evening of entertainment and great food in a unique setting.

Great to have such fun entertainment close to our cabin!

A perfect summer evening in the lakes area.  We loved seeing our local theater folks working together to have fun while entertaining us.  And, the food is so delicious.  Generous portions, wonderful tastes and served by friendly staff.  This is our second season and we will be back next year.  Thanks!

Was a wonderful evening with friends and those with me said it was the most enjoyable evening they had spent for a long time.  I agreed fully with them. ~ Beverly - Fergus Falls, Minnesota 

" fun"...while enjoying an Ottertail county evening...what more could you want in summer enjoyment?!  The experience is a fun blend of old time entertainment with an always delicious meal. ~ Emily, Battle Lake, MN

Loved the Quality theater experience in our lake area. Bring friends and family for an exquisite night of food, service and entertainment!  Rates a big ten! 

Sooo very fun to just let your imagination go wild and laugh at one liners!  The actors were all great...!

We planned a weekend to help celebrate some friend's wedding anniversary and included the dinner show.  We all agreed the show was the highlight of the weekend! ~ Carol & Greg, Detroit Lakes

If you enjoy great food and up-close entertainment in a group setting, you'll love the dinner theater at Elmer's. Funny, often interactive throwback comedy, perfect for a summer night.

Wow!! my husband and I enjoyed everything so much that we told everyone about how much fun we had!!! It was funny, the adlibs from the audience made it even more hilarious! 

Well worth the drive! ~ Karen,  Moorhead MN

Hissing good fun

It was quaint.  Looking for something different and fun

We took a couple with us that we owed a return for doing us some favors. Our choice of repayment was magnificent, the show, actors, food and service were great. We'll be back!!! ~ L. and A.,  Ashby, MN

A fine 86th birthday party for my husband. ~ Margaret P., Clearwater, FL

I don't think you would find a better deal for your money anywhere. It is fun with fantastic food and very efficient workers. I went to all three plays and am looking forward to next year.  Pat H., Ottertail. MN

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